Action Tools Corporation was established in Taiwan in 1975. It has been engaged in the design and manufacture of Impact sockets since that time.

Having manufactured thin-wall impact sockets for 40 years, Action in 2011 decided to develop an innovative range of thin-wall impact sockets, enabling the one socket to be used safely on both a hand tool and an impact wrench. Dual Action came into being and has taken the market by storm - particularly in the automotive industry.

 Available individually and in sets, it is a stand-alone product, with the specific intention of appealing to trades people, enabling them to replace two sockets with one. With ¼” ⅜” & ½” drive in Metric, Imperial, standard & deep variants, all available in 6 & 12 point, the range is highly comprehensive in both sockets and sets.

Respected for their quality products around the world, Action is certified to ISO 9001:2008 ensuring stringent quality control procedures for material, manufacturing, testing and inspection.